Driven 1.2 corrects a metric conversion error found only in Driven 1.1 when evaluating metric H-Piles.
Driven 1.1 corrects an SPT 'N' value problem with Driven 1.0. In Driven 1.0, SPT 'N' values at depths 100 ft and greater were not read back into the program when the file was reopened. When the user reopened the input file these N-values were shown as zeros. Driven 1.1 correctly reads the 'N' values.
Driven 1.0 is an upgrade the existing FHWA computer program, "SPILE version 2.0", from a basic analysis tool to an efficient and easy to use design tool. The upgrade will be a design tool that will increase engineering productivity while enhancing design quality. The upgrade, DRIVEN, will be a Microsoft Windows environment PC program that will take full advantage of the multi-tasking and utility features of the Microsoft Windows environment. The new program will also have the ability to create an input file for the GRLWEAP driveability analysis.
User's Manual Publication Number: FHWA-SA-98-074
Download Driven User's Manual (pdf - 1.5 mb)
Driven 1.2 installation (32 bit) software (2.2 Mb): I agree to the downloading conditions above.

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